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Add: D1303,Anhui Land Square, 288 Huaining Ave., Hefei 230071 China 

Tel: +86-551-6283 5529, 6283 3269
Fax:+86-551-6283 3059
E-mail:   henry@primekem.com
Url:      www.primekem.com

Why primechem
Our experience and wide customer base enable us to understand complex issues, meet and exceed our customers??expectations to solve problems and provide seamless supply of our products and services, and help customers achieve their objectives.

Guided by the voice of our customer, we strive to operate at top efficiency to be the low-cost producer of products within our markets.

To be your trusted partner, we strive to know your demand as well as you do, understand what you value and  help you satisfy your customers, compete more effectively and grow your business.  

Earth first, to preserve the natural environment for all of us and future generations is a fundamental priority at the core of everything that we do at PRIMECHEM. We have steadily improved our environmental performance. We continuously strive to reduce wastes, emissions and energy consumption.

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